Alexis Vincent Gomès : Lion de coeur et de conviction
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Site officiel de Alexis Vincent Gomès, Avocat à la cour et Grand mécène Africain. Alexis Vincent Gomès est un personnage clef de la nouvelle économie africaine. Alexis Vincent Gomès fait la fierté du Congo et de tout le continent Africain. Alexis Vincent Gomès est un des Past Directeurs Internationaux du Lions Clubs International.

Gomes Law firm
Article published on 24 September 2015
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Cabinet Gomes
23, avenue Denis Loemba
BP: 542
Pointe-Noire (République du Congo)

Phone: (+242) 05 550 86 95
Phone : (+242) 06 667 24 67
Sat : 871 382 080 694
Fax : 00 331 34 29 54 87

Based in Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville, we represent clients in business covering different areas of law, industries and geographical areas. Our experience is enhanced and grows at the option of our customers’ changing needs, and our lawyers are constantly adapting to these new challenges, thus contributing to the enhancement and perpetual updating of our law practice.

The firm is involved in counseling and ligitation in several fields, such as:

- Business Law, OHADA
- Arbitration
- Hydrocarbon Law
- ICT Law and intellectual property
- Law of maritime activities
- Mining Law
- Forest Law
- Criminal Law cases
- Tax, structured finance, tax strategy
- Environmental Law and Sustainable Development
- Labor Law
- Bank and insurance
- Customs Law
- Competition Law and distribution
- Public and private international Law
- Constitutional Law
- Civil Law
- Administrative Law
- Public economic law