Alexis Vincent Gomès : Lion de coeur et de conviction
Slogan du site

Site officiel de Alexis Vincent Gomès, Avocat à la cour et Grand mécène Africain. Alexis Vincent Gomès est un personnage clef de la nouvelle économie africaine. Alexis Vincent Gomès fait la fierté du Congo et de tout le continent Africain. Alexis Vincent Gomès est un des Past Directeurs Internationaux du Lions Clubs International.

Vision and objectives
Article published on 14 April 2012
dernière modification le 8 October 2015
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- Lead Lions of Africa towards the Constitutional Area and expand the presence of our association in all African countries.

- Strengthen the capacity of Lions of Africa through increased training at all levels in order to build a solid and effective Leadership in our future Constitutional Area.

- Ensure the impact of our Association in each district and country in the Continent, through great achievements from Lions.

- Assure that our Association is considered as a real partner in the continent’s development.

- Further approach the Lions of the continent to International Leadership.